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Mackenzie, BC, 31.8 km on Finlay Forest Service Road (FSR)
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
Associated Engineering
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

After completing a close proximity bridge inspection 187 kilometres out on the Finlay FSR, the employee was returning to Mackenzie for the evening. As the worker approached the bridge crossing, Tsedaka Creek at 32 km the driver side front tire blew. The driver tried to retain control of the vehicle however, due to the blown tire and the curve in the road, the vehicle collided with the guardrail, and the passenger side of the vehicle jumped the rail.

Once on the guardrail, the vehicle slid the entire length of the bridge and came to a stop at the concrete barrier on the opposite side of the bridge.

The driver did not sustain any injuries, and the vehicle had an estimated damage of $2,000.
Root Causes:

  • Improper tires for the work required, stock all-season tires.
  • Poor visibility, the incident occurred at 8:00 pm (dark).
  • Deteriorating road conditions, the temperature was 0° Celsius.
  • Extended work day.


Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • When using rental vehicles inspect tires to ensure they are in good condition, and suitable for performing the work required.
  • Drive to the road conditions (limited visibility and traction).
  • Be aware that working extended hours may result in slower reaction times. Take rest breaks when driving for/or working extended hours.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Sandra Nielsen: 604-293-1411

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