Safety Log for Individual Owner-Operator Truckers

If you own a truck, and you are its driver, you are an Individual Owner-Operator (IOO) for the purposes of SAFE Company Certification. As an IOO, you may have someone who does your books part time, and once or twice a year have a replacement driver (if you're sick, or take a vacation), but otherwise you are the one operating the truck. As such, you are required to do the IOO log for SAFE Companies as your safety audit.

Courses are available province-wide on how to fill in the Safety Log for IOO's. The instructor will literally walk you through the Log Book binder, and help you determine which portions apply to your operations. To find out when the next course is being held in your area, call 1-877-741-1060 or click on the Training Calendar on the SAFE Companies page.

If you own a truck or two, and you hire drivers, then you are an Independent Owner-Operator, you fall under the Small Employer category for SAFE Companies.

Visit our Safety Log page to download the Log.



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