Here is some general information you may find helpful in making your work and transportation safer, and making sure you are following all laws and regulations:


Seasonal Load Restrictions Online

For up to date load restriction information for routes in your area click here.

Users can also find contact information for their local area manager on this web page. If you don’t have web access, call the office of your local Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, or the road maintenance contractor.

CVSE Compliance Circulars

RE Inspection of Air Brake Chambers, Bulletin # 01-11 (March 18, 2011)

CVSE has been advised of inspection problems regarding the application of inspection ‘reject’ criterion for “mismatched air brake chamber size on same axle group” when inspecting standard, long and extra long stroke chambers. The current Vehicle Inspection Manual (VIM) directs inspectors to visually inspect all brake chambers, measure and record service brake chamber size, and reject in the following conditions: a unit that is damaged, mounted insecurely, leaking or corroded; if the drain hole is not pointing in a downward position or is plugged; if there are mismatched units (e.g. different size / stroke length chambers) on the same axle group, or if there is binding or the piston return spring is broken.

RE Repeal of Vehicle Inspections & Standards Bulletin 05/06 Requiring the Hole-Punching of Approval Decals.

The practice of decal ‘punching’ proved to be problematic for inspection station and enforcement officers to effectively and efficiently identify valid decals. Certificate of approval decals issued by authorized inspectors as a requirement of passing a vehicle through the provincial inspection process must be cut to clearly identify the correct year and month of decal expiration.

For more information, see the CVSE website.

Last Updated: March 12, 2013

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