With our new Online Audit Tool (OAT) you will have confidence that your audit has been received when you receive an automatic confirmation receipt. With OAT you will be able fill out your audit forms online and submit in one easy location. If you are busy and need to return to your audit at a later date, simply save and close. All your audit information will be saved for when you return to complete your submission. When you submit, OAT checks for anything missing before accepting your upload. It prompts you to go back and finish any section that is incomplete. In the past, missing documents has been the number one cause of audit issues.

OAT is designed to be completed on a computer’s web browser. It may not fully function on a tablet or phone. Using OAT also means you will receive your audit results sooner than if you submit your audit by email or paper. As part of our commitment to the safety of the forest industry it is our desire to continue to provide our clients with intuitive, practical tools for maintaining their SAFE certification.