List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Grader slides, then rolls over while snow clearing on Forest Service RoadDownie Timber Ltd. (Woodlands Division)
Feller-Buncher operator accidently cuts into old cable; Piece is launched, embedding in Lexan window of cabAntler Creek Logging Ltd.
Series of near misses at log trailer reloadGriffon Safety Solutions Ltd.
Serious Incident: Fill slope failure topples excavator on road building jobBrinkman Forest Ltd. / Coast Tsimshian Resources
Slip from skidder tire results in lost-time injury; reminder of importance of 3-point contactVal-J Holdings Ltd.
October 2014 - Winch SafetyBCFSC
Stuck throttle on ATV creates a hazardous ride through Alder overgrown roadDownie Timber Ltd. Woodlands Division
Loose Gravel + Speed = Loss of Vehicle ControlUBC Alex Fraser Research Forest
Steel shard in worker’s eye a reminder of need for protective eyewearStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
Processor catches fire; Crew response keeps flames from spreading to dry forestStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
CLOSE CALL: Crew truck rolls while worker underneath conducting inspectionLusted Logging Ltd.
Log rolls off truck during loading, smashes mirror and windowTom Neufeld Trucking Ltd.
Feller / Buncher operator injured while using JackallGalena Contractors Ltd.
Cat slides on bedrock, tips over and starts fireWG Shaw & Son Ltd.
August 2014 - Preparedness and Reporting - Your Best Fire ToolsBCFSC
June 2014 - ATVBCFSC
February 2014 - Defensive DrivingBCFSC
Landslides related to logging and road constructionBC Timber Sales, Seaward‐tlasta Business Area (provider of alert)
Dirt biker killed in resource road collisionSchiller Contracting Ltd.
SERIOUS INCIDENT - Boom man injured when caught up in augerInterfor
Powerful winds topple trees; camp worker in tent narrowly escapes with fractured ankleBC Forest Safety Council
Cable Yarding: Stay out of the bight!TimberWest Forest Corp.
Log slips from load at dryland sort as binder is released, truck driver unhurt but startledTimberWest Forest Corp.
Unsuitable parking and assessment results in pickup truck rolling down hill and leaving roadwayGilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.
Log loader cab penetrated by "hitchhiker" log; Window guard prevents injury to operator insideTimberWest Forest Corp.
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