List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2009-03-07 Pickup slides on compact iceFP Innovations
2009-10-09 Fairlead Breaks off YarderBendickson Contractors Ltd.
January 2010 - Winter Safety Resource PageBC Forest Safety Council
Alert of the Month December 2009 Completing First Aid AssessmentsBC Forest Safety Council
2009-05-26 Pickup rolls down embankment
2009-10-30 Pick up vs Slushy RoadAmboy Logging
2009-10-29 Life Vest FailedWestern Forest Products
2009-11-07 Worker cut hand in lock boxIsland Timberlands
2008-08-21 Loaded log truck struck by passenger truck
2009-10-26 Employee struck in safety glasses by air hoseWestern Forest Products
2009-10-19 Log Truck Incident - Broken Trailer ReachWestern Forest Products
2009-10-09 Poor road surface area and signageLusted Logging Ltd.
2009-10-20 Poor stepladder for accessing equipment
2009-10-20 Structural Failure of Conveyor on ChipperPine Star Logging
2009-08-25 Trucks not using posted frequencyNazko Logging
Alert of the Month November 2009 Resource Road BridgesBC Forest Safety Council
Resource Road Safety Bulletin
2009-09-16 Beavers plug culverts on FSRSilvatil Services Ltd.
2009-10-19 Arc Flash at Quad Saws MCC PanelWestern Forest Products
2009-08-21 Bridge deck damagedSilvatil Services Ltd.
2009-09-01 Rock truck impacts bridge guardrailTimberWest
2009-10-14 Employee cuts finger on trim tableWestern Forest Products
2009-10-13 Employee forced into frame of planer infeedWestern Forest Products
2009-08-07 Fire camp one newsletter
2009-06-18 Log rolling from above results in close callGilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd. – Barriere, B.C.
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