List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

September 2009 - "Boats, Planes and Automobiles" Transporting your workers by airBC Forest Safety Council
Worker Wellness Information Bulletin - CancerWorker Wellness
August 2009 - "Boats, Planes and Automobiles" Transportation of Workers - Marine TransportBC Forest Safety Council
2009-05-26 Worker Strains BackForsite Consultants Ltd.
2009-07-26 Millwright struck in neck by foreign objectWestern Forest Products
Worker Wellness Information Bulletin Worker Wellness
209-06-30 Water truck rolls
2009-05-25 Pintle hitch breaks causing truck to roll RW Log Transport
2009-05-28 Close Call with a bearNechako Reforestation Services Ltd
2009-06-11 Forest fire starts near workersInfinity-Pacific Stewardship Group Ldt.
2009-06-17 Heat ExhaustionInfinity-Pacific Stewardship Group Ldt.
2009-06-23 Knives fall from carrierWestern Forest Products
2009-06-13 Fire in sort yard Long Shot Holdings Ltd.
2009-05-01 Side guard of engine strikes workerLor-Wes Contracting
July 2009 - "Chock it - Block it - Lock it" Immobilize your equipmentBC Forest Safety Council Prepared Safety Alert
2009-06-02 Faller struck by pivoting chunks Western Forest Products
2009-03-01 Safety Innovation for removing pins Western Forest Products
2009-05-05 Near Miss when hinges fail on doorWestern Forest Products
Alert of the Month April 2009 Faller FatalityAlert of the Month April 2009 Faller Fatatlity
2009-04-20 Hydraulic oil punctures skinBKB Cedar Products Ltd.
2008-12-19 Pick-up slides off roadDNT Contracting Ltd.
2009-06-01 Babbit Splattered Hitting Employee's Face ShieldWestern Forest Products
RADAR Make it personal - Safety PostersWestern Forest Products
2009-04-14 Worker twists knee
2009-05-27 ATV Close CallNorth Aspect Contracting Ltd.
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