List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2009-10-19 Arc Flash at Quad Saws MCC PanelWestern Forest Products
2009-08-21 Bridge deck damagedSilvatil Services Ltd.
2009-09-01 Rock truck impacts bridge guardrailTimberWest
2009-10-14 Employee cuts finger on trim tableWestern Forest Products
2009-10-13 Employee forced into frame of planer infeedWestern Forest Products
2009-08-07 Fire camp one newsletter
2009-06-18 Log rolling from above results in close callGilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd. – Barriere, B.C.
2009-05-08 Tree planter falls off cliffChinook TSO
2009-05-05 Planter slips on log - bruises ribs
2009-08-12 Driver fatigue suspected in crashSan Jose Logging Ltd.
2009-08-18 Lifting eye pulls out of concrete bridge componentSurespan Construction Ltd.
2009-07-27 Dusty roads result in collisionWestline Harvesting Ltd.
2009-09-18 Failure to lockout results in hand injuryLTN Contracting Ltd.
2009-08-31 Wheel loader incident results in damage
2009-08-25 Sparks from tracks start small fireSan Jose Logging Ltd.
2009-08-25 Hand injured while unloading trailerWestline Harvesting Ltd.
2009-08-24 Worker injures foot with high pressure steam
2009-07-17 Lockout fails - skidder cab falls on mechanicSan Jose Logging Ltd.
2009-06-11 Machine door swings shut on workers handLe Beau Forestry Ltd.
2009-09-16 Notify other workers that you are nearStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
2009-09-05 Workers slip off log results in broken leg.pdfMecredy Cruising and Forest Consulting Ltd.
2009-09-01 Consulting crew encounters Sow and cubsEcofor Consulting BC Ltd
2009-08-09 Severe injuries from chainsawImpact Reforestation
2009-08-09 Layout crew encounters bearAtlas Information Management
2009-08-01 WSBC WHMIS alertWorkSafeBC
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