List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2010-01-05 Vehicle Looses Lug Nuts and Studs After Tire RotationAmboy Logging
2010-01-12 Radio Channel Reset Results In Near Miss With Logging TruckTurcotte Brothers Contracting Ltd.
2010-01-18 Operator Slips On Muddy Step And Falls From MachineSayward Timber
2009-01-05 Vehicle With All Season Radials Flips Over On Highway
2009-12-14 Increased Communication Beneficial For Multiple Crews At Same Site
2009-12-01 Toyota Warning: Accelerator Can Get Stuck Open - Certain ModelsToyota Canada
2010-01-14 Truck Hits Partially Open Road Gate
2009-12-18 Processor Slides Off Lowbed While Being TransportedAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
2009-06-01 Planter Loosens Rock on Slope Which Nearly Hits Another PlanterJansma Reforestation Ltd
2009-03-09 Hot Work Fire In BarkerWestern Forest Products
2009-07-01 10T Bull Moose Tips On Side When Trying To Move 70' PilingWestern Forest Products
2009-10-19 Arc Flash at MCC PanelWestern Forest Products
2009-05-14 Arc Flash At Edger MCC PanelWestern Forest Products
2009-09-01 Worker Slips on Unstable Slash, Fracturing AnkleSproat Lake Forestry Services Ltd.
2009-10-30 Cut Off Saw ExplodesWestern Forest Products
2010-01-15 Logging Truck OverturnedRW Log Transport
2009-07-24 Static Electricity Can Cause Fire by Igniting Fuel VapoursBC Timber Sales
2009-09-01Rock Truck Impacts a Bridge GuardrailTimberWest
2009-11-09 Truck Slid Into DitchMatrix Research Ltd.
2009-03-26 Worker Struck By Falling Pallet
2009-05-25 Worker Nearly Hit By Rock While Near Roadway
2009-10-22 Logging Truck Load Shifts Forward, Damaging Truck CabSchweb Contracting Ltd.
2009-11-19 Wolf Pack Encounter
2009-11-02 Branch Pokes Eye of Worker In Thick VegetationNorcan Consulting Ltd.
2009-11-11 Grader Rolls Off Outside Edge of Road While Passing Another VehicleJ.H. Huscroft Ltd.
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