List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2010-04-03 Feller Buncher Muffler Starts Small FireKropp Logging Ltd
2010-02-17 Machine slides into obscured hole in the ground and overturnsKropp Logging Ltd
May 2010 - Recognizing Hazards and Risks: Truck DrivingBC Forest Safety Council
2010-03-11 Reversing Snowmobile Catches Branch, Breaks Windshield
2010-03-10 Snowmobile Collides with Trailer Ramp While Loading
2010-03-10 Beetle Prober Nearly Hits Knee wth Hatchet
2010-04-10 Crane Boom Falls Into The WaterWestern Forest Products
2010-03-31 Powder Truck Rear Dual Wheels Come OffWestern Forest Products
2010-04-10 Under Inflated Tires Pose Safety HazardHaupt Safety Inc.
2009-07-09 Crew Transport Hit By Rock Thrown By Passing Logging Truck
2010-03-01 Log Truck Driver Suffers Injuries Slipping On Snow and Ice Covered Road Surface
2010-03-01 Several Near Misses Directly Related To Improper Radio UseCanfor
2010-04-01 Underbody Mounted Spare Tire Falls OffCanfor
2010-03-10 Trim Saw Starts While Employee Is Cleaning AreaWestern Forest Products
2010-03-28 Employee Severs Finger Performing Maintenance On MachineWestern Forest Products
2010-03-30 Carrier Collides with Lift Unit In Work YardWestern Forest Products
2010-03-23 Packages On Flatbed During Short HaulWestern Forest Products
2009-10-27 Truck Gets Stuck In Soft Spot
2010-03-10 Tree Felled Onto Energized Hydro Line
2010-03-25 Decker Machine Tips OverBlue Valley Enterprises Ltd.
2010-02-10 Trailer Hitch Becomes Loose While Being TowedBC Timber Sales
2010-02-11 Mechanic Struck By ChiselIsland Timberlands
2009-09-21 Truck Roll OverVal - J Holdings
2010-02-26 Saw Cradle Hoist FailureWestern Forest Products
2010-02-09 Stroker Operator Struck By Log
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