List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

2010-08-16 Plant causes Allergic ReactionWildhorse Selviculture Ltd.
2010-08-15 Slips and TripsKhuwutzun Forest Services
2010-05-10 Bear AwareAdams Lake Indian Band
2010-09-15 Blow Down HazardCanfor Woodlands Operations
2010-09-08 Walking HazardsAPT Forestry
2010-08-12 Skidder Operator Receives BurnsStones Bay Holdings
2010-08-11 Stay AlertStones Bay Holdings
2010-07-22 Wront Tool Cuts HandStones Bay Holdings
2010-08-25 Skidder RolloverKen Ilnicki Developments Ltd
2010-08-03 Tripping and Spraining wristGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
2010-08-01 vehicles need to slow down around grader.Radley Contracting Inc.
2010-06-01 Steel Shrapnel Injures Worker When RepairingW&E Services LTD.
2010-06-11 Homemade tool fails, contributes to a lost time accident.Nadina Logging Ltd.
2010-05-01 Bear encounters.Avison Management Services Ltd.
2010-08-04 Worker encountered a hornet's nest. GreenStar Forest Solutions Inc.
2010-07-31 Lightning strike starts tree on fire in camp.
August 2010 - Hazards and Risk: Mobile Equipment Escape HatchesBC Forest Safety Council
2010-07-13 Helicopter crashN&R Forest Management Ltd.
2010-07 Animal EncounterWhiskey Forestry
2010-07-05 lower ball joint sheared causing incident.MacLeod Forest Services Ltd.
2010-07-19 ATV hitting cross ditch
2010-07-06 Loose objects can be deadly
2010-06-10 Bundler cuts arm and needs stitches.CIPA Lumber Co. LTD. Sayward Timber Div.
July 2010 - Avoid the Bight: Stay In the ClearBC Forest Safety Council
2010-04-21 Skidder operator injured while exiting cabSteele Creek Pole Corp
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