List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

February 2011 - Slips, Trips & Falls in the WoodsBC Forest Safety Council
2010-08-09 Dozing While DrivingMcElhanney Consulting Services
January 2011 - ChainshotBC Forest Safety Council
2010-07-21 Falling Deciduous SnagMcElhanney Consulting Services
2011-01-06 Improper CallingJ-Val Holdings
2010-11 Tie-Rod End Detachment Alternative Forest Operations
2010-12-06 Log Nearly Strikes Weigh Station OfficeWestern Forest Products
2010-12-09 Tailhold Pulls Away from Bedrock Alternative Forest
2010-10-29 Wheel Falls Off Truck on Highway Alternative Forest Operations
2010-11-17 ATV Close Call while Skidding Trees Jeratec Forestry Contracting
2010-12 Close Calls on Highway 5A with Chip and Logging Trucks BCTS
2010-11-22 Snow Loaded Tree Falls Next to Worker Gorman Bros Lumber Ltd
Saw Arbor Starts while Clamshell and Arbor Door are OpenWestern Forest Products
2010-12-13 Log Truck Driver Pinches Hand Grabbing Shackle Stones Bay Holdings Ltd.
2010-06 Worker Gets LostWhisky Forestry
2010-07 Animal EncounterWhisky Forestry
2011-01-06 Radio ChatterLomak
2010-12-18 Snowmobile Hazard
2010-12-14 Slippery RoadsRW Log Transport
2010-12-00 Semi Jackknifes Hitting PickupCanfor
2010-11-30 Skidder Flops OverLusted Logging Ltd.
2010-04-08 Lifting Frozen Bucket Hits CabDownie Timber Ltd.
2010-06-24 Logging Truck Trailer Overturns Spilling LoadJoR Contracting Ltd
2010-11-10 Bolster Breaks Free
2010-12-03 Collision of an Empty Transport Truck Groot Bros Contracting Ltd.
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