List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Heavy, repetitive lifting results in severe back painLouisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.
Worker's hand pinned between bridge log and excavator bucketNootka Sound Timber Co. Ltd.
Powerline at dryland sort struck during equipment moveWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Contract buckerman pinched between logsWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Horseplay creates an overhead hazard Interfor (Adams Lake Lumber Division)
Unprepared for winter conditions on resource roadsInterfor - Grand Forks Division
Two-way radio contact can change throughout the day!Schiller Contracting Ltd.
Hazard Alert: Log truck’s air brakes freeze upExeter Contracting Ltd.
Log truck tips onto side as road edge blends into ditchAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
ADVISORY: Logging roads near Princeton, BC experiencing high traffic volume!Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Fertilizer causes adverse reactions for tree plantersBC Timber Sales - Strait of Georgia Business Area
Close Call: Cedar tree falls over without warningW.D. Moore Log Co. Ltd.
December 2012 - Lowbedding and Log HaulingBC Forest Safety Council
Hazard Alert: Bridge decks freeze up quickly!Cabin Forestry Services
Hazard Alert: Rock slide traps crew from return tripChartwell Consultants Ltd.
Rolling tire hits mechanic in shop, injures his legNootka Sound Timber Co. Ltd.
Close Call: Hooktender struck by logWestern Forest Products Inc.
Hazard Alert: Check log trucks for rocks and debris before travelling on public roads!TimberWest
Log truck kicks up rock, hits windshield of other truckInterfor - Adams Lake Division
Close Call: Log truck suspension airbag explodes while in the shopWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Slope failure leaves machine leaningDownie Timber Ltd. - Woodlands Division
Close call: Worker comes face-to-face with GrizzlySpectrum Forestry Consulting Ltd.
Loaded limb causes kick back; Faller suffers cutsFedje and Gunderson Contractors Limited
Safety Alert - Fatality - Rock hit the driver of oncoming pickup truck - Lake CowichanBC Forest Safety Council
Pick-up impaled after rear-ending log truckIsley Group of Companies
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