List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Safety Alert - Fatality - 2013-04-08 - Log Truck Driver
Musculoskeletal injury (MSI) afflicts hook tenderNootka Sound Timber Co Ltd.
Hazard Alert: Winter storms create hazards in TimberWest harvesting areas of Vancouver IslandTimberWest
Driving too fast for bush road conditions ends with crash of a truck hauling tidy tanksStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
No radio communication leads to resource road collisionStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
Feller Buncher erupts in flames, cause unknownMonte Lake Forest Products Inc.
March 2013 - BC Forest Safety OmbudsmanBCFSC
Welding too close to shop truck results in total lossDyer Logging Co. Ltd.
Snowy conditions leave hayrack trailer on its sideAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
March 2013 - Preventing Debris in Loads of LogsBCFSC
Log truck driver distracted by animal, veers off roadInterfor
Hazard Alert: Partially bucked logsIsland Timberlands
Importance of marked, ventilated and approved flammable storage containersBC Construction Safety Alliance
Heel rack strikes loader cab, detaching it from carrierWestern Forest Products Inc.
Banding truck struck by logWestern Forest Products Inc.
Close Call: Rock hits log truck’s windshieldAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
Icy road forces log truck and trailers into ditchAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
Snow and ice on road sends lowbed truck slidingAndy Meints Contracting Ltd.
Communications between operators and maintenance staff crucial to avoiding accidents and injuriesYoung’s Mills (1980) Ltd.
Swampers: They can reduce hazards of working alone and prove valuable for training / assessing potential new operatorsL&B Myers Contracting Ltd.
Wagner loses wheel assembly while moving log bundlesIsland Timberlands
January 2013 - Snowmobile SafetyBCFSC
Worker suffers metal shard embedded in his face: Review PPE and expect the unexpectedStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
Satellite phone won’t connect to 911 in remote areaCridland Logging Ltd.
Log truck driver falls asleep at the wheel, leaves roadTsi Del Del Enterprises Limited
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