List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Close Call: Recognize the potential severity of injury!Dyer Logging Co. Ltd.
It’s been a bad year for woods workers when it comes to stinging insects Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Close Call: Log trucks brush while passing on Forest Service RoadStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
Buncher blade repair injures mechanic’s fingerStones Bay Holdings Ltd.
July 2013 - Danger TreesBC Forest Safety Council
Manufacturing Safety Alert - Safe Guarding ConveyorsBC Forest Safety Council
2013-06-30 - Forest Harvesting Fatality UpdateBC Forest Safety Council
Cougar encounter serves as a reminder to prepareMontane Forest Consultants Ltd.
Grey attack pine is decaying and blocking resource roads in southern interior regionA & G Reforestation
Log truck driver injured while attempting repairs; found unconscious by passing truckerBVR Contractors Ltd.
Momentary distraction leads to crew vehicle rolloverCeltic Reforestation Services Ltd.
Unstable slash takes worker on a downhill slideDownie Timber Ltd.
Dump truck’s front tire blows up while on highwayKatchmar Construction (1997) Ltd.
Jacking block slips, hits worker on the headNootka Sound Timber
Winter built on-block roads contain potential hazards come spring timeGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Bear Encounter Close CallInterfor - Grand Forks Woods Division
Feller Buncher cab’s skylight sheared off at bolts by falling snagWestwood Fibre Ltd.
Close Call: Logging truck spills load of cedarInterfor - Adams Lake Division
Log truck spills load, trailer almost separates on highwayGudeit Bros. Contracting Ltd.
Log truck driver pinned between reach and suspended logWestern Forest Products Inc.
Unstable log decks due to fast melting snowGorman Bros. Lumber
Black bear stalks and charges solo workerMontane Forest Consultants Ltd.
Incorrectly installed topping line on a grapple yarder can lead to failureSladey Timber Ltd.
April 2013 - “Struck By” InjuriesBC Forest Safety Council
Cedar stakes used to help protect seedlings need to be stored in a dry manner to keep them lightEvergreen Forest Services Ltd.
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