COR Rebate

COR Status and Incentives


The COR incentive payment (rebate) is only issued if the company is ‘in good standing.’

A participating employer may be ineligible for a COR incentive when any of the following conditions apply:

Employers will be ineligible for COR incentives until the condition creating the ineligibility has been resolved. Where the employer’s activities have indicated that the employer is ineligible for the COR incentive and where an appeal process with WorkSafeBC is in place and an appeal is being pursued by the employer, the employer’s eligibility for a COR incentive will not be determined until the appeal process is completed.

If the appeal at WorkSafeBC is resolved in favor of the employer, the COR incentive will be granted. If one or more of the above conditions causing ineligibility applies, for which there has been no successful appeal by the employer, the employer will be ineligible for the COR incentive applicable to any calendar year to which the ineligibility condition relates.

To maintain the integrity of the COR program, any employer who is discovered to have provided fraudulent information at any point in the COR certification and incentive process, may lose COR certification and be required to repay previously issued incentives.


The COR incentive cheque is calculated as 10% of a company’s base assessment, before any surcharge or discount is applied. For very small companies, the incentive is equal to 50% of total assessments paid, up to a maximum of $500 incentive.

Base Assessment



50% of total assessment




10% of base assessment for OHS certification


15% of base assessment for OHS and IMRTW certification


 Incentives are paid annually by WorkSafeBC, and are based on the previous year’s audit and payroll for each CU. In order to be eligible for a summer incentive cheque, companies must have their audits performed by the end of previous calendar year (or by the due date for maintenance or recertification audits) and submit their annual payroll assessment reports to WorkSafeBC on time. An incentive payment may be delayed if a company’s WorkSafeBC account has changes (including the company turning on or off the account or CUs), has a complex account or classification unit structure or if the employer does not report their assessable payroll on time. For these companies, WorkSafeBC may consider them for the COR incentive several times each year.

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