How to become a SAFE Company

Step 1 – Complete and submit the SAFE Companies Registration Form

The registration fee for a large company is $1,260.00 (including GST).

Before you start the registration process, make sure your have:

You can also download a PDF version of the registration form by clicking here.
Completed forms can be mailed or faxed to the Council.

Fax: 250-741-1068

Mailing Address:
BC Forest Safety Council
420 Albert Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2V7

Step 2 – Develop and implement an effective health and safety program

Upon registration, you will receive a Safety Toolkit that is a step-by-step process designed to help build a new program or review an existing one. The Toolkit also includes a CD with template safety forms and other useful templates.

As a large company, you will be evaluated using the BASE Audit.  Your initial certification audit must be done by a certified external auditor.

Before you select your auditor, it is a good idea (you can use the toolkit) to see how your company’s health and safety program measures up to the standards and expectations of the BASE Audit document. Using a student auditor is also a great way to get ready for your certitifcation audit.

Step 3 – Select an External Auditor to conduct SAFE Companies Certification audit

SAFE Companies certification for a large employer requires the use of a BC Forest Safety Council Certified External Auditor.

Step 4 – Conducting and Submitting Audit

Your external auditor will conduct the BASE Audit on your health and safety program. Companies that score a minimum of 80% overall, and at least 51% on each audit element, will be eligible for SAFE Companies certification.

Upon completing the on-site audit actvitites, the Auditor will submit his/her audit report to the BC Forest Safety Council. Council staff will conduct the quality assurance review.

Upon successful completion of the quality assurance review, the audited company will recieve a SAFE Companies certificate and number, and will be sent a copy of the final audit report  Also, the BC Forest Safety Council will make the application to WorkSafeBC for COR rebates on behalf of the company.

Needing SAFE Certification to work, but your business situation makes it hard to achieve?  Find out more.

Step 5 – Maintaining your SAFE Companies Certification

SAFE Companies certification is maintained by conducting an annual maintenance BASE audit in years one and two, and then renewing every third year using a certified external auditor to conduct an external audit.

To complete the maintenance audits, large companies have the option of training one of their employees to be a certified internal auditor or to use an external auditor. The BC Forest Safety Council offers training to company-appointed internal auditors to enable the internal audit process.

Click here for more information on maintaining SAFE Companies certification.

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