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Auditor training

The BC Forest Safety Council offers several levels of training for people who will be auditing companies for SAFE Certification.

External Auditor Training

The External Auditor Training course is designed for health and safety professionals who wish to conduct external BASE audits for large forestry employers seeking their SAFE Companies certification.

The program consists of a five-day training course followed by a student audit which consists of a full health and safety audit using the BASE Audit.

A variety of instructional techniques are used including lectures, class discussions, case studies, and group exercises. Ethics and conflict of interest issues will be discussed.

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Internal Auditor Training

In the SAFE Companies program, large companies can choose to have an employee conduct their annual maintenance audits.

This person must be a staff person with a SAFE certified company and must take the Internal Auditor Training course.  The training takes three days, during which students learn how to prepare and conduct an audit for their companies and how to submit the results in order to maintain SAFE Certification.

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