CEO’s Message
Everyone I have met in the industry, who has a forestry operation, whether it is large or small, wants their employees as well as themselves to go home without injury at the end of the day. They also want their business to be successful. Fortunately, both of these go hand in hand; improving the ability to go home safely can also improve a businesses’ ability to run well. More operators are realizing this over time, and are working to really understand how to incorporate safety into improving all their results.
Audits are simply a tool for checking how effective your safety system is. Many of the questions in the audit can also be used to ask if you are really ready to do business well.
You told us you were frustrated with the old audits. These new versions are more streamlined and more practical – and they are based on input from people who work in the industry. They should help operations focus on what is important in reducing injuries, while reducing the time required for paperwork. This will help operators spend more time on what’s really important; improving all of their results, including safety.
Let’s keep talking and working together on injury reduction as part of improving the business. You are making a difference already; these changes should help even more positive results happen.

    Let’s keep in touch.
    Reynold Hert, CEO