BC Forest Safety Council BASE Support Forms

(These support forms are provided for your convenience to assist companies in developing or enhancing their safety management system. They are intended to be modified and adapted as required. The BC Forest Safety Council does not imply or express any guarantee or compliance for your particular company situation. The forms open in Microsoft Word and are 97-2003 compatible.)

LO.1 - Lockout Procedures for Logging Trucks
LO.1 - Lockout Requirements
LO.2 - Safe Work Procedures on Quad Log Decks

Confined Space
CS.1 - Confined Space

Working at Heights
WH.1 - Working at Heights

Hot Work
HW.1 - Hot Work Policy and Procedure
HW.3 - Hot Work Permit Template 2007

Respiratory Protection
RP.1 - Respiratory Protection Program Template and Guide

RA - Camp Inspection Checklist
RA - Silviculture Contract Camp Standards

Working Near Power Lines
PL.1 - Working in Proximity to Powerlines
PL.2 - Pre-work Power Line
PL.2 - Pre-work Review Form Logging Near Energized High Voltage Conductors
PL.2 - Safe Work Procedure Shock Hazard and Arc Flash Protection
PL.2 - Shock Hazard and Arc Flash Protection Policy

Combustible Dusts

Chemicals and Asbestos
CH.1 - Exposure Control Blood Borne Pathogens

Manual Tree Falling
MF.1 - Fallers Hazard Report Form
MF.2 - Hand Faller Checklist
MF.4 - Faller Site Hazard Assessment Checklist
MF.6 - Faller Initial Safety Meeting Checklist
MF.6 - Falling and Bucking Checklist