Who can get COR?

Companies in the forestry sector can be SAFE Certified and may be eligible to receive COR rebates.

The forestry sector includes companies that have a sustained presence on a harvesting worksite[1]. This includes companies with WorkSafeBC’s classification unit (CU) in the following areas:

This also includes:

By including the above group of companies, this allow companies registered with WorkSafeBC outside the sector to still be eligible for bidding on work from forestry employers that have required all their contractors to be SAFE Certified.

If your type of activity is not listed, contact the BC Forest Safety Council to discuss how you fit into SAFE Companies

[1] What is sustained presence of a harvesting site? This means that an employer is on a harvesting worksite (pre-harvest, active harvest, post harvest), regularly and/or for an extended period of time.



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