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Log Hauling
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Recently a log hauler stopped at the designated pull out area to hammer mark his load where he got injured. The location selected for this activity was a wide spot in the road where a cattle guard was located. The location was chosen as it was wide enough to allow for oncoming traffic to pass while a truck driver is outside his truck attending to his load.

The existence of the cattle guard created a hazard to drivers as they walked around their loaded trucks inspecting their loads, especially in darkened conditions.

The investigation discovered that there are no written standards for selection of safe worksites being designated for marking loads or chaining up.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

1) When selecting sites for chaining up &/or marking & checking loads consideration must be given to avoiding the following hazards as a minimum;
- flat grade
- free of tripping hazards (cattle guard, pot holes , snow berms etc.)
- wide enough to accommodate anticipated traffic (consider other users as well)
- adequate sight lines ( for non radio equipped traffic)
- free of danger trees
2) As these sites are part of the worksite they need to be inspected for changes in conditions that can lead to development of unsafe working conditions
- do maintenance as necessary

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2007-02-04 cattle gaurd causes injury.pdf
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