COVID-19:  SAFE Companies and WorkSafeBC COR audit requirements for 2020

As the COVID-19 challenges continue, the SAFE Companies team is committed to working with your company to navigate these uncertain times and provide guidance on your company’s safety management system and audit requirements.

As a Certifying Partner (CP), the BCFSC continues to work closely with WorkSafeBC to help administer the COR Program. The following provides information on COVID-19 as it relates to your company’s 2020 audit.How does our company apply for a 2020 audit waiver?
Companies with certification expiring up to August 31, 2020 may apply for a one year waiver. Complete a waiver application.

BCFSC have any COVID-19 related resources our company can access?

BCFSC and the Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG) have developed industry resources and information for employers and workers.  Please visit our COVID-19 Resource page.

company is not eligible for a waiver at this time.  How should our company proceed with its 2020 audit requirements?  

Small companies (IOO, ISEBASE, SEBASE) are encouraged to submit their audit if they can do so by following good hygiene practices with social/physical distancing to obtain documentation. 

Currently, the option to request a 2020 audit waiver is not available to companies due for a maintenance audit or whose certification is expiring between September 1, 2020 and December 2020.


In late July WorkSafeBC released a COR program information update containing plans and methods for auditing for the rest of 2020.


SAFE Companies and COR audits are now expected for the rest of the year, with appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions. This applies to recertification and maintenance audits.  Any company that delayed their regular audit and is able to conduct and submit that audit should do so at the earliest opportunity. Companies normally auditing in the fall of 2020 should attempt to audit in their normal month.


One change for BASE audits is remote video interviews are now permitted as a backup option when in-person interviews present a hazard to the worker or the auditor, present unusual and significant logistic challenges, would require visiting worker’s homes, or are otherwise restricted by the community or applicable First Nations. Interviews will NOT be recorded. Virtual observations have been reviewed by WorkSafeBC and cannot be relied upon to confirm or deny that observed tasks meet audit criteria. This means that virtual observations are not allowed by WorkSafeBC in lieu of onsite observations. See Remote Interview Options for details.


NEW** For large companies wanting to do their BASE Audit, BCFSC has developed COVID-19 resources for Auditors, and they can be found on the BCFSC COVID-19 Resource page under Auditor's Resources. Here are recordings of some information sessions that BCFSC hosted on the BASE Auditing Re-Start requirements: 

How can we submit our audit? 

The best way is electronically. 

  • Fax 250-741-1068 

Alternatively, if you are unable to make an electronic copy of your documentation, then courier of mail your submission to 420 Albert Street, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 2V7.  Our office is currently available by appointment only for consultations or audit drop off.

Will our company receive a SAFE Certificate? 
Our normal process is to email a SAFE certificate upon successful Certification / Recertification. A paper hard copy is provided upon request or to companies without an email address.   

For those companies who request a COR certificate, WorkSafeBC has suspended issuing printed COR certificates at this time.  However, your company’s COR certification details can be verified on WorkSafeBC’s website.
Both sources of certificate information should fulfill any requirement to provide proof of certification when bidding for work.

Will our company receive a COR rebate for 2020 if approved for a waiver?
Yes, approval by WorkSafeBC will result in the issuance of a 1-year COR Certificate and consideration for 2020 OHS and RTW (if applicable) COR rebates.

Will COVID-19 affect payment of 2019 COR incentives?
No, WorkSafeBC is scheduled to issue 2019 COR rebate cheques to eligible employers in late May 2020.

Our company has a safety question, who can we call?
BCFSC is open for business. However, as part of our commitment to keep our staff safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19, our offices are open by appointment only.


BCFSC staff are working remotely and are available by phone and email for any support or questions you may have. 


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