An independent assessor explains the process, the value & why it works

An assessor who assessed Michael, explains what he thinks about the Professional Log Truck Driver Training and Endorsement Program:

               "The log hauling industry has changed hugely over the years with the emphasis on safer conditions. I strongly believe that training is imperative as this industry really has had no measurable training program so far. This program is all about ensuring that the young people coming in will receive the training and knowledge that they are going to need in this line of work. They need to be given like any other trade a solid basis for their chosen career. Some of the newer drivers may have just gotten their licenses, have minimal experience or have been driving in a different field. They do not know the hazards of coming down a mountainside at 3 am in the snow. Having someone with experience sitting beside you coaching you through these types of scenarios can make the difference whether they make it to the bottom, not just today but in 6 months when they are on their own.

This assessment with Michael is a prime example of what this program can do for an industry that has an aging workforce. He was given an opportunity to have his dad as his mentor, learn some of the mechanical end of the truck, with a company that was willing to take a chance with him. He was excited and proud of his accomplishments.

I like to explain to candidates this in not a head hunt. It is to give new drivers breaking into this field a good start and to older experienced candidates a reminder of procedures that have become second nature.

Congratulations Michael on a job well done!"

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