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Log Hauling
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A loaded log truck operated by Grant Conlon Trucking Ltd., a sub-contractor of Pine Ridge Holdings Ltd., was traveling on a logging road when it met an unloaded log truck, operating for another contractor. The unloaded log truck had gone past the pullout when the trucks met. Both log trucks managed to stop and were in no danger colliding but the road was very slippery at the time and the potential was there for a severe incident. The trailer of the loaded log truck slid off the road causing the live front bunk to trip off, spilling the load.Little damage was caused to the equipment but the road was blocked. The drivers called to advise any other traffic of the situation, a loader was called in to pull the trailer out of the ditch. Traffic was then moving again.The loaded log truck had called 10 km but was unsure if he had called 9 km. The unloaded log truck missed the call but other witnesses had heard the call. This close call was caused by a momentary lack of attention and it was fortunate that it was not of a more serious nature. A suggestion was made to attach high visibility tape on the mile boards to catch the attention of drivers and perhaps refocus their attention on truck locations.

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