Log truck driver suffers head injury strapping bundles while rig being loaded

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Yarding and Loading
British Columbia
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

The loader operator started loading the third bundle after assuming that the driver was safely back inside the truck after having come out to verify trailer weights. In an attempt to “save” time, the driver started wrapping the other bundles while the loader operator was loading logs.

The loader operator attempted to free a log that wasn’t loaded properly and dangling from the last bundle. The dangling log broke while the loader operator was handling it and part of it struck the driver who was on the other side of the load; the driver suffered serious head injuries and was immediately transported to hospital.

Potential Hazards: Exposure to falling objects and moving equipment because:

  • Not following safe procedures
  • Not staying clear in “safe zone”
  • Wrapping while being loaded
  • Poor or no communication
  • No visual contact
  • Complacency and rushing.


Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Drivers must stay in a “safe zone” while being loaded, which is usually inside the cab or in location that is well out in front of the truck
  • Drivers must let the loader operator know before exiting the truck or leaving the “safe zone”
  • Ensure that there is a single radio channel well established for driver and loader operator to communicate with each other
  • Loader operators must not load unless they can make visual contact with the driver or have received confirmation they are clear.


Note: See page 2 of attached PDF for Loader Wrapper/Binder Assist Procedures, as developed by the Trucking & Harvesting Advisory Group.


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