Minor wound care 2017/2018

MAG project supports first aid for minor wound care

While prevention is always the focus for BC’s forest manufacturing industry, when incidents do happen at work, timely, quality onsite first aid is a top priority. The faster any injured worker receives the most appropriate first aid, the faster the recovery and the better the experience, ensuring the least disruption for the worker, co-workers, family and the work place.

MAG has worked hard with union representatives, firstaiders and first aid training providers to strengthen minor wound care options as follows:

You may either download and print these posters or you may order preprinted 11x17 poster size copies to be mailed to your office, at no additional cost. Please use the resource order form (page 3).

If you would like to provide feedback to MAG on this initiative or your thoughts on minor wound first aid care, please email us at MAG@bcforestsafe.org.



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