Industry Safety Alerts

Below is a searchable database where all forestry companies across the province can share information about recent incidents or close calls that they have experienced. The goal is to prevent these events from reoccurring.

Forest Products Manufacturing alerts are now being submitted to BC Forest Safety, so wood product operations can share information about hazards and close calls too.  See the link below for the Safety Alert template for manufacturing operations.

The BC Forest Safety Council does not edit the content of these alerts, nor does it verify the accuracy of the reports as the goal is to provide timely information to industry.  Providing your contact information is optional.  We ask for contact information so other companies can talk with someone to get further details on the close call or serious incident.

Searching Database

Search for alerts by using the pull down menu for Alert Type or typing in key words in the Company, Location or Date fields.

Partial key words or dates may be used. For example: typing “Logging” in the Company field will search for all companies with “Logging” in their name. Typing “2013” in the Date field will give you all of the alerts from 2013.


Industry Safety Alert Database

Submit an Industry Safety Alert using our templates

To assist with the creation of new Safety Alerts, the Council provides a harvesting template and a manufacturing template that can be downloaded and completed.

Please forward your completed industry alert to alerts@bcforestsafe.org

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