Improperly loaded machine on lowbed results in collision with pickup truck on resource road

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Northern Interior
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A lowbed was travelling off-highway with a loader incorrectly loaded on the trailer (i.e., sideways) when it encountered a pickup on a narrow section of the road.

The pickup driver struck the track of the incorrectly loaded machine as it swerved trying to avoid the lowbed tractor, resulting in extensive damage to the pickup.

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  • Loader loaded incorrectly by not being loaded as narrow as possible.
  • Driver had never been preworked on the Wide Loads/Low Bedding Equipment FSR Procedures.
  • Increased public traffic as incident occurred on the weekend.
  • Lowbed driver made the assumption that no traffic was approaching, as pickup did not have a radio.

Preventative Actions:

  • Contractor will schedule a training session to train ALL crew members on Regional Road Safety Procedures, including those that specifically apply to all oversized loads and low-bed moves wider than 10’6” (3.2 meters) outside of an active worksite.
  • Contractor will update their new hire indoctrination program to ensure that it includes Regional Road Safety Procedures.
  • Contractor will review their own Lowbed Operator Safe Work Procedures with all their drivers.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Tyson von den Steinen, RPF - Canadian Forest Products Ltd.


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