SAFE Certification and Certificate of Recognition

What's the difference between
SAFE Certification and Certificate of Recognition?

SAFE Companies Certification

What is SAFE Companies Certification?

The SAFE Companies program is a safety initiative developed by the BC forest sector and is administered by the BC Forest Safety Council. It is a prequalification process, as recommended in the Final Report of the Forest Safety Task Force, designed to assist companies in improving their safety performance and to evaluate company safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols. The majority of BC forest tenure holders support the SAFE Companies program and require certification as a prequalification to bid on forestry contracts.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

What is the Certificate of Recognition (COR)?

COR is a voluntary WorkSafeBC initiative that recognizes and rewards employers who go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation by taking a best practices approach to implementing health, safety, and return-to-work (RTW) programs.





Your company receives a SAFE Certification number and certificate from BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC). Your company is listed on the BCFSC website so that licensees (and others) can see if your company meets the industry prequalification standard and may be considered for forestry contracts.

Your company receives an incentive payment from WorkSafeBC (WSBC). The amount is equal to 10% of your Classification Unit’s base rate for total assessable payroll and is paid out the following year. Your company is listed on the WSBC website as COR certified. Some contracts for multi-provincial work may require this.

You need to register with the BCFSC. You or one of your permanent employees must successfully complete internal auditor training. You submit a passing audit tailored to your size of company as follows: BASE (more than 19 workers) SEBASE (6 to 19 workers) ISEBASE (5 or fewer workers) IOO (one owner with one admin). The BCFSC is one of WSBC’s COR Certifying Partners. This means when you become SAFE Certified, the BCFSC will automatically determine if your company meets WSBC’s COR requirements. WSBC applies additional requirements based on your WSBC account status to determine if your company is eligible to receive the incentive payment.
SAFE Certification is maintained by passing annual audit submissions on time and/or having verification audits carried out by BCFSC safety advisors. The annual audit must be completed by an approved auditor. Your internal auditor must complete refresher training every three years and complete two audits in three years to remain approved. Or, you may use a qualified external BASE auditor.


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SAFE Certification Process

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