SERIOUS INCIDENT - Boom man injured when caught up in auger

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Hand and Power Tools
Coastal British Columbia
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

While feeding a boom stick into place under a gas powered auger, A boom man’s clothing/PPE became tangled in an unguarded auger bit that was engaged (revolving). He suffered serious chest injuries, resulting in a lost time accident.

Root Causes - A number of factors combined to contribute to this incident, among them:

• No guarding around auger bit (see sample photos in attached pdf)

• Lack of Safe Work Procedures for auger

• Worker had not operated this machine before


Learnings and Suggestions: 

 Recommendations from Incident Report include:

• Inspect all boom stick augers to ensure full guarding is in place around auger and belts

• Supervisors to be trained in guarding requirements on boom stick augers

• Safe Work Procedures to be reviewed with workers and supervisors before using equipment

Best Practice for equipment that has workers in close proximity:

• Conduct a thorough Risk Assessment

• Have an emergency shut off switch within easy reach

• Ensure the equipment complies with CSA Z-432-04 standard for design and guarding

For more information on this submitted alert: 

Interfor’s Safety Task Group – Rob Shelley or Ken Watkin (250) 286-1881

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