Assistance to sawmill industry on combustible dust control and mitigation (2014)

This service was available up to December 31, 2014.

The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) in conjunction with the Manufacturers’ Advisory Group (MAG) oversaw a team of technical expert advisors for all sawmills in BC.

The purpose of the initiative was to provide comprehensive support and expertise to the sawmill industry on combustible dust control and mitigation at no cost to the industry.

Providing this resource afforded all sawmills one-on-one access to highly skilled and knowledgeable experts that may not otherwise have been available to them. As this was an industry initiative, and arms length from WorkSafeBC (WSBC), it was anticipated that there would be a higher level of participation by individual sawmills. WSBC was not privy to the details of these engagements.

The administrative support for this team was provided by the BCFSC who served as a secretariat. WSBC partnered with the BCFSC and MAG to pay for all costs and fees related to the expert advisors.

The goal of this initiative was to improve safety protocols, processes, and general awareness in sawmills across BC.

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