Snowmobile use on forestry service roads: A hazardous environment

TFL 30 – North Olsson Road (Prince George area)
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Incident #1: A truck driver was hauling a load out of the North Olsson Road when he met an empty pickup with a snowmobile trailer at 11 km. The truck driver veered to the right hitting the snow bank to avoid the pickup. When he hit the bank with brakes applied, the pup swung out to the left and hit the snowbank on the opposite side of the road blocking the entire road. The pickup managed to get stopped just in time to avoid contact with the pup. The truck driver was driving to conditions and was able to get stopped to avoid a serious accident.

Incident #2: A truck driver was driving down the 24km Rd (off the North Olsson Road). At approximately ½ km there is a trail across the road that snowmobilers use. As the driver approached the ½ km point, a snowmobiler failed to look for traffic and crossed the road just meters in front of the truck. The driver indicated that even just one second later and the snowmobile would have hit the truck.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Key Learnings:

• Forestry Roads are used for industrial use as well as recreational use

• Recreation users need to use extreme caution when using Forestry Roads, especially if they do not have radios

• Drive and ride defensively, always expect the unexpected

Safety Precautions:

• Call Canfor if you have any questions regarding road use

• Avoid using industrial roads during peak hauling times (Mon-Fri). Be aware weekends also have industrial traffic (i.e. low-beds and pickups). Be aware that as spring break up approaches night shift hauling hours will start.

• When in doubt contact Canfor to determine location of hauling activities

• Use a radio and follow radio calling procedures (see links below and in attached pdf) when on industrial roads

• Ask for assistance. When entering the roads, wait for an empty log truck or pickup with radio and follow them in.

• Never operate snowmobiles or ATVs on industrial roads

• Certain areas have been cleared to allow for parking, please use these areas to get off the road and not block or park in pull outs.

For more information on this submitted alert: 

For more information from Canfor: (250) 962–3500.

For more information on Forest Road procedures in the Prince George area, visit these webpages:

Forest_Road_Procedure 1 - Driving on Resource Roads

Forest_Road_Procedure 2 - Radio Calling

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