BC Forest Safety Council marks National Safe Driving Week (December 1 – 7) with safe driving tips for winter conditions

NANAIMO & PRINCE GEORGE, November 26, 2013 - Winter driving takes extra planning, precautions, and skill, and with winter already in full swing in many communities throughout the province, the BC Forest Safety Council would like to remind people to be prepared for the challenges posed by ice, snow and limited visibility.

The BCFSC provides the following tips for staying safe on the roads this winter:

  1. Don’t go - If the weather is poor, it is better to postpone your trip and wait for the weather to improve.
  2. Plan ahead - Decide on your route before you go and choose the safest route possible. Check out websites like www.drivebc.ca for up-to-date information on road conditions.
  3. Be prepared - Always carry an emergency kit stocked with the essentials you may need should you get stranded, to keep warm, fed, safe and hydrated.
  4. Give it time - Leave extra time between appointments to ensure you get to where you need to be on time and without the need to rush.
  5. Maintain a safe following distance - Slippery roads mean extra distance is needed to stop.
  6. Watch your speed - Keep your speed right for the conditions; often this means well below the posted speed limit.
  7. Keep it steady - Avoid sudden braking and acceleration by keeping transitions smooth.
  8. Avoid distractions - Distractions are hazardous even during the best weather. Focus your full attention to the road ahead, and driving.


"If you have to be out on the roads in winter - slow it down. Drive to the weather and road conditions, and give yourself enough time to do that. Use a six-second following distance rule because it can take at least double the time and distance to slow or stop in icy conditions. And always remember, slow and steady gets you where you’re going, safely. It is far better to arrive late than never arrive at all," said Rick Walters, BCFSC Transportation Director.

About BCFSC:
The British Columbia Forest Safety Council was created in September 2004 as a not-for-profit society dedicated to promoting forest safety in the forest industry. The organization provides training, information, guidance, safety advisor advocacy, safety reviews and audits to industry. The focus is on preventing fatalities and injuries by helping all industry participants implement best practice safety performance in every forest harvesting job. This covers silviculture activities and timber falling, to machine operators, log truck drivers, heli-logging operations, water haulers and more. Unsafe is Unacceptable.

Pam Agnew, BCFSC: 250-824-5186


Nanaimo, November 26, 2013
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