Winter built on-block roads contain potential hazards come spring time

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Resource Roads
BC Interior
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Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
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Winter built *on-block roads have potential hazards come spring time. These temporary roads are not built to the same standards as permanent roads and therefore should be used with caution.

Ice and snow may have been mixed with the road material during road construction. During spring time the snow & ice melts, leaving air pockets just under the road surface. Even walking these roads can be hazardous if you break through the top crust of an air pocket.

*Roads built in the winter located inside a cutblock

Learnings and Suggestions: 

• Do not drive on these roads outside of winter.

• When walking these roads scan the area first for signs of possible sink holes or other hazards. Consider using a walking stick when walking in the field.

• Use *RADAR and always flag and report areas of concern.

• Convey hazards to contractors, clients or anyone else you can think of that may be affected by the hazard.

*A hazard assessment process that can be used to help safely address upset conditions and prevent incidents from occurring: Recognize the risk; Assess the situation–stop to think; Develop a safe solution; Act safely to fix the problem; Report and record the upset condition.

For more information on this submitted alert: 

For more information: Chris King, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. (250) 768-5131

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