Forestry-operated quarries and gravel pits should be secured from public trespassing

Safety Alert Type: 
Throughout British Columbia
Date of Incident: 
Company Name: 
BC Government - Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas
Details of Incident: 

Incident Summaries:

1.     Squamish, BC - Five youths were in a quarry, celebrating a birthday. At approximately 2 a.m., a 17 year old male fell off a 10 metre high bench onto boulders and died from his injuries.

2.     Hills, BC (near New Denver) - A 51 year old male was riding a motorcycle around a gravel pit and not wearing a helmet. He drove off a 4.6 metre gravel stockpile, fell from the motorcycle and died from his injuries. The pit had visible signage and the entry gate was locked. The deceased had accessed the pit via an old railway bed adjacent to the site.

3.     Merritt, BC - A pickup truck rolled off a lookout parking lot above a quarry and down a 120 metre bank, destroying the truck. The male driver (age unknown) jumped or was thrown from the truck near the top of the bank but survived. The quarry owner had built an access road to the lookout years before, which is frequented by the public. The site lacked signage and gates so the owner was ordered to install signage, gates and fencing to restrict access.

Recommended Preventative Actions: 

  • Post signs that warn the public of hazards at the site
  • Install gates on access roads that can be locked when the site is not in operation
  • Fencing should be installed at sites adjacent to publicly accessible areas
  • Consider public awareness communications, such as newspaper ads, radio & other community outreach initiatives


For more information contact: BC Government - Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas 

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