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Heavy Equipment
Mackenzie Woodlands
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

The employee picked up a vehicle from the service department at Schultz GMC in Prince George after having the 50,000 km service completed. This included inspection of the brakes which necessitated removal of the wheels. After having put on approximately 20-30 km’s, the employee noticed an unusual noise coming from the rear of the truck as he was driving up the Hart highway on the way back to Mackenzie. He pulled into the parking lot of the next available business to try and locate the source of the noise and found that the lug nuts on the rear driver’s side wheel were finger loose. He immediately contacted the service department at Schultz to inform them of the problem. He then jacked up the truck and torqued the lug nuts and checked the other wheels. The lug nuts on the passenger side rear wheel were also loose. The lug nuts were tightened on the remaining wheels and the employee proceeded to Mackenzie.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The Mackenzie Woodlands Safety Committee would like to share some key learnings/messages from this incident:

  1. Do not assume that work done on a vehicle has been completed properly, regardless of the service centre. Immediately check any unusual vehicle behaviour, especially if it occurs shortly after a vehicle service.
  2. Inform the service centre so they can put procedures in place to avoid future occurrences.
  3. ALWAYS re-torque your wheels after having work done which necessitates their removal. Do not necessarily wait for the recommended 100 km’s to have this done.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Dan Szekely – Operations Coordinator

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