Natural Resource Road Act Project website

The Natural Resource Road Act Project Team is pleased to advise that the Natural Resource Road Act Project website is now live. The NRRA Project is taking a different approach to engaging stakeholders in the development of a single Act to support the management of resource roads of British Columbia than was done for Bill 30. This website and NRRA project:

You are invited to provide feedback to the project team through “submit comment” links until December 15th, 2011. That feedback will help inform the team of the concerns that road builders, maintainers and users have with resource road policy today and regarding the team’s ideas for resource road policy in the future. Plus it is an opportunity to pass along ideas for how we can make it better.

For further information about this opportunity to help shape how we manage resource roads in BC, please visit the project website. Please forward this email to whomever you think needs to see it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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