Dusty resource roads require driver courtesy and awareness

3900 Road, KM's 0 to 53 (Quesnel area)
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BC Forest Safety Council
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Heavier than normal concentration of resource road traffic has resulted in reduced visibility due to dust – particularly during dark hours.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

• Drive defensively and expect the unexpected

• Be courteous to all road users by slowing down when encountering oncoming traffic

• If visibility is in question, slow down and do not pass. If you need to pass, notify vehicle on the radio and receive the “OK”. The lead vehicle is responsible for slowing down, providing room and advising the passing vehicle when it is safe to pass.

• Do not pass if you are unsure if it is clear ahead of you or you can’t see the back of the vehicle you are attempting to pass. If visibility is compromised, pull over and stop until the dust clears. Never proceed if you can’t see a safe distance ahead. Travel at a safe distance behind other road users.

• A safe distance allows for oncoming traffic as well as your vehicle to stop within the visible distance. You must be able to stop in half the distance that you can clearly see.

• Increase radio calling frequency (but avoid “walking” on other users by calling too much)

• Never exceed posted speed limits!

 • Avoid clearing on the opposite side of the road

• Avoid convoys as they can create a significant dust hazard Empties or “up” traffic should clear, completely stop and allow loaded or “down” traffic to pass. If grading creates additional dust hazard, grading must be minimized.

For more information on this submitted alert: 

For more information contact: Director of Transportation Safety, BC Forest Safety Council (Prince George Office). Call toll free 1-877-324-1212

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