Close Call: Log truck driver jumps to safety in a snowbank

Canfor Woodlands Operations (Chetwynd, BC)
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A logging truck was being loaded on a mainline when the driver got too close to the edge of the road and became stuck. It was decided to pull the truck out with the loader using a chain which was attached to the loader.

As the loader moved to the front of the truck to begin towing, another loaded truck from further back on the mainline approached. The loader operator turned off his lights to avoid blinding the approaching truck and waited for it to pass by.
After the loaded truck passed by, the loader swung the house of the loader to allow the chain to be hooked up. As the loader operator was swinging the house he caught a glimpse of a Hi-Vis vest flying through the air. The loader operator immediately stopped movement of the loader and investigated what had happened.

While the loader was waiting with his lights off for the loaded truck to pass, the driver of the stuck truck had climbed up on the tracks of the loader and was trying to get the chain off the loader and get hooked up. He did not communicate to the loader that he was doing this and the loader operator did not see him climb up onto his tracks as it was dark out. When the truck driver felt the loader start to move he jumped clear of the loader into a snow bank.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Always ensure 100% clear communication has been achieved prior to approaching any mobile equipment.


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For more information, please call: Matt Campbell, 250-962-3263

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