2010-12 Close Calls on Highway 5A with Chip and Logging Trucks

Southern Interior Region-Cascades District
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Complaints and notifications of close calls have been occurring over the last few months regarding the erratic driving of some of the Chip and Logging Trucks travelling on the highway between Merritt and Princeton (Hwy 5A). Members of both communities, as well as staff have experienced risky driving conditions.                                                                                                                        
Large industrial trucks have been encountered ‘Drifting’ into the opposing traffics lane in various locations along this route. Portions of the highway have narrow and windy sections. Steep embankments on the East side and lakes on the West side of the road make corners challenging for all vehicles, especially large trucks.                                                                                  

Increased harvesting in the Princeton area has resulted in an increase in both chip and logging truck traffic on the Hwy 5A. Travellers using this route should be made aware of this potential hazard and consider their speed and location on this highway at all times. Everyone has the responsibility to focus on the task at hand when driving and consider other users of the road when travelling.  Speed is also a contributing factor, and drivers need to consider appropriate speeds, especially when cornering and travelling the narrower sections of this route

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Communication to local licensees and known companies with chip and logging trucks travelling this route (Arrow transport, Renew Resources, DL Chambers, Weyco, Aspen, Ardew, Stuwix, Tolko), VSA, RCMP, and the Ministry of Highways will occur to ensure this Alert is communicated to as many people as possible.                                                                                                                      

Responsibility inevitably lies with the drivers of vehicles. All drivers need to be alert, obey traffic laws and consider all users of the road when travelling

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Rick Cooper 250-371-6529

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