2009-12-08 Cautionary Notice - Increased Industrial Road Traffic - Germanson North Road

Germanson North (North Road - Fort St. James, BC)
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Apollo Forest Products Ltd.
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Summary of Advisory and Potential Hazards (This notice pays particular attention to the above location; however, can be applied to most roads travelled or communities traveled through by all members of the public - industrial and non-industrial alike)

This cautionary notice is to inform the public and resource road users (industrial and non-industrial) of the expected increases of industrial traffic for the Winter 2009/2010 log hauling season (December into March) on the Germanson North also known as the North Road. This notice is a follow-up on a recent public contractor’s meeting held at the Fort St James Chamber of Commerce with industry and non-industry representatives. BC Timber Sales has identified approximately 270,000m3 to be hauled down the North road in a 2 month period from 12TSL’s and 7 different licensees resulting in 140 to 240 loads per day hauling Monday to Friday.

Increased industrial traffic increases risk and potential safety hazards to industrial and non-industrial road users alike. This road is a Class C BC Ministry of Transportation road which does not require radio communication or kilometre markers (from 0-106km) – as it is assumed that non-industrial users do not have, nor are required to carry and use radio communication devices, in saying this is not a radio controlled road. Radios are always considered a good way of communicating potential safety hazards to other road users; however, it is not recommended that radio communication be relied upon alone. Resource road users need to expect the unexpected while traveling this road. Always be alert, become familiar with your surroundings, and adjust to changing conditions - operate in a manner that allows you to handle the most unpredictable of scenarios.

Areas of Concern:

  • Increased volume of industrial trucks (logging trucks) on North road, through town, and Hwy 27 to Vanderhoof
  •  Congestion point of logging trucks on corner across from Stuart River Steel at the beginning of North road
  • Convoys on North road and Hwy 27 to Vanderhoof
  • Speed on North Road, through town, and Hwy 27 to Vanderhoof
  • Crowding the road and/or encroaching onto the center line of North road and Hwy 27 respectively
  • Snowmobilers using or crossing road corridors
  • Pedestrian safety in town

First response and first-aid equipment is limited in this area so everyone should keep this in mind that it could take valuable time to get first response equipment to an accident site.


Learnings and Suggestions: 

Expect the Unexpected!
Be familiar with applicable federal and provincial laws and regulations applying to you as a member of the public, employee, or employer. Drive according to road conditions and maintain the highest regard for other resource road users; whether they are industrial or non-industrial users. Safety needs to be the priority. Follow all posted road signs and do not exceed speed limits, reducing speed to suite road & traffic conditions. Industry users should avoid the development of convoys, as these can create a safety hazard for those forming the convoy, oncoming, and ensuing traffic alike.

Convoys can create white out conditions, do not provide safe work conditions, and increases the risk to vehicles entering or exiting the road right of way or trying to pass. Snowmobilers need to be just as cautious as industrial and other non-industrial users having regard for the safety of others when approaching and/or crossing road right of ways. Because a majority of the expected industrial traffic will route directly through the town site, it is imperative that pedestrian traffic and controls (e.g. cross walks) are fully respected. 

If you are reporting a problem driver you can call 1-877-327-1212 and leave a message. Having the plate ID and the time and place you saw the problem driver will be helpful.


  • Regarding the public contractor meeting you can contact Mindy Thompson at the FSJ Chamber of Commerce @ 250-996-7023;
  • Road maintenance priorities, commitments and schedules you can contact Lars Sabbe at Yellowhead Road & Bridge (Vanderhoof) @ 250-996-8422;
  • For school bus route scheduling you can contact Frances Honeywell at the FSJ School Bus Garage @ 250-996-7835;
  • Concerning the RCMP you can contact Gary Church @ 250-996-8269


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