2009-08-07 Fire camp one newsletter

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Kelowna Fire Camp
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BLISTERS are caused due to friction on the skin surface— with boots, clothing, tools/equipment and adjacent skin surfaces. Blisters are preventable.

Blisters start as a "hot spot" which will often develop a fluid layer between the skin layers to act as protection. This "bubble" should not be broken unless they have been evaluated by first aid.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

Blister prevention includes wearing boots, clothing and gloves that fit and are a synthetic blend, moisture wicking material (white sport socks don‟t cut it!!). If rubber / caulk boots are worn—a BAMA sock will draw moisture away from the foot. Hiking / Trekking socks are preferred to white sport socks that don‟t dry and don‟t have enough cushion. Products like Moleskin, Duct Tape and even petroleum jelly and talc powder can all aid in the prevention of blisters. Keeping socks, clothing and gloves clean and dry will also prevent the formation of blisters. Its worth it to put your money into your feet—buy well fit boots and good quality socks. Treatment of blisters includes keeping the blister skin in place over the area as long as possible—do not „pop‟ or ‟drain‟ blisters. Protect the area while working with the above tech-niques—ensure that the blister site is kept clean and dry and treat with the above noted techniques to prevent worsening conditions or the development of more blisters. Let the blister "air" when not working - ensuring it remains clean. Painful and large blisters can be drained in the first aid room. Any blisters that do not respond to treatment or show any signs of infection - heat, redness, pus - must be evaluated by first aid immediately.

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