2009-08-31 Wheel loader incident results in damage

Safety Alert Type: 
7 km Bomberger F.S.R.
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Truck 5580 & 06 A&B finished loading at T-Mar's chipper at 7 km on the Bomberger FSR. The chip truck driver pulled away from the chipper and stopped and got out of his truck to talk to the next driver. The loader operator picked up a bucket of hog fuel and started towards the hog pile. The loader operator had the loader bucket too high and couldn't see that the truck had stopped in a spot that they normally don't. The loader bucket impacted the right rear corner of the B box damaging the trailer post and rear door.


Root Cause:


- Loader operator’s view was blocked by his bucket and the sun was in his eyes for what he could see.

- Assumption was made that the path was clear


Learnings and Suggestions: 


- Reminded the loader operator to keep his view clear and bucket down
- Don’t assume the path is clear – anyone could have driven up and parked where the chip van was parked


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