209-06-30 Water truck rolls

12km Sunset Rd. (Nado Area)
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

A worker was moving the water truck, which was full of water, from 7 km on the Nado Rd. to block EM8786-0110 (12 km Sunset Rd.) The sunset road has some adverse road grade in it (10-15% adverse). On one of these sections of road, the worker had the truck in 1st gear to climb a hill. Just before the turnoff into the block, the truck powered out. The worker started to go backwards, hit the brakes, but the brakes did not work well enough because of the weight of the water and the fact that the vehicle was moving backwards. The worker was still going backwards, so he put the truck into the ditch or bank of dirt, hoping to stop the truck from rolling. This event caused the truck to roll onto its roof and stop. The vehicle was not equipped with a seatbelt; however, no injuries were suffered as a result of this incident. The driver was a little shook up afterwards. The truck was taken out of commission because the damage was not worth fixing on the old vehicle.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

1) When moving equipment in the block, ensure that you know the roads you are going to be travelling on and are sure your equipment will have no problems with the conditions.
2) If ever unsure or uncomfortable with a situation you are placed in, never be reluctant to ask your supervisor for some clarification on the exact work plan.
3) If conditions in the block are not good for moving equipment, either haul the equipment by lowbed or get a machine to pull you up hills where needed.

The BC Forest Safety Council recommends that all equipment is equipped with functioning seat belts and that they are inspected regularly.  Missing or damaged seat belts have been a contributing factor in several incidents, some of the incidents resulting in fatalities.

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For more information contact Brenda @ (250) 845-7319

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