2009-05-05 Near Miss when hinges fail on door

Safety Alert Type: 
Holbery Forest Operation
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
Western Forest Products
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

 The Shop night shift went out to repair a radiator leak on a 075 Madill Super Snorkel. They opened the 350lb door to the engine room on the off-cab side of the yarder and didn't recognize one hinge was cracked. They commenced work for approximately 10 minutes when both hinges failed and the door fell to the ground, narrowly missing on worker. The other night shift worker was in the clear inside the engine room of the machine. Normally the shop truck is parked in the location where the door landed, however it was in a different location on this date.This was not the first time a machine door has fell off because of hinge failure within Timberlands and stories of past incidents came out as this was discussed. Please review this incident with workers as the potential severity was significant.



Learnings and Suggestions: 

 1. Inspect machine door hinges to ensure they are in good condition.

2. Inspect machine door hinges to ensure they are of adequate size and strength for the weight of the door being supported. Some machine doors have been changed or upgraded over time, and the hinge may not be of adequate strength.

3. Add machine door hinges to inspection checklist and train workers to periodically check hinges prior to opening.



For more information on this submitted alert: 

Ernie Springer - Master Mechanic HFO - 250-288-3362

Vince Devlin - EHS Advisor NVIR - 250-956-5318





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