2008-12-05 Crewcab Hits Ditch

Mandalay FSR
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
LTN Contracting
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

On December 5, 2008 the night shift "Crewcab" was traveling loaded on the Mandalay FSR at approximately 3:10 AM. The driver called his loaded KM when coming from the block road and was continuing to call his odd loaded KM per the Radio Calling Procedures. At 5KM, the Crewcab called loaded, and Empty #1 replied that he was empty at 3KM and did not have a good pullout. Crewcab called Empty #1 and informed him that he had a pullout and would clear Empty #1. Empty #2 then called and said he was !4 KM behind Empty #1. Crewcab said he would remain in the pullout until Empty #2 had also cleared. After both empties had passed, Crewcab called loaded and proceeded loaded down the Mandalay FSR.

Within Y2 KM Crewcab met Empty #3 and was forced into the ditch, getting stuck in the wet snow. Empty #3 was not calling and had not notified Crewcab of his location when Crewcab had resumed travel.
Crewcab called Empty #3 and asked him to come and pull him out of the ditch. Empty #3 refused to stop and replied "That's what you get for going the wrong way on a loop road."
The Crewcab driver and passengers were unable to get the VIN plate.
The Crewcab driver and passengers were not hurt, but the potential for severe injury was present.
Contributing Factors:
Not following industry implemented Road Use Procedures and Radio Calling Procedures: Empty #3 did not notify the loaded traffic of his coming onto the road system or proximity. Empty #3 did not clear the loaded traffic when required.
Empty #3 lacked orientation training, evidenced by not knowing the road had two-way traffic.


Learnings and Suggestions: 

Contractors should review Road Use Procedures and Radio Calling Procedures with all road users.


Licensee should audit road users to ensure compliance with Procedures.
Licensee should have signs posted with the radio frequency and direction of traffic flow posted at each road entrance, "Must Call Empty" or "Must Call Loaded" would be recommended.


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