2009-01-12 LTN Hazard Alert Road Use Training

Safety Alert Type: 
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

We have been notified by LTN workers that exposure to danger on the roads has climbed greatly in a very short period due to the high number of "new" road users that have started work.

Events include:
■ LTN truck driver finds three trucks lost. When questioned, the lost drivers indicated that they were unsure of where they were, and were unsure of where they were supposed to go to get loaded. After finding out which contractor they worked for, LTN driver provides them directions and allows them to follow out to loader (LTN was going past).
■ LTN contract trucker met truck that did not have right frequency and was traveling against the grain of loaded traffic. Empty caused an incident with trailer stakes touching and empty going into ditch, though no damage or injuries. The two trucks met the next day with a similar incident occurring.
a LTN truck driver finds loaded truck parked at bottom of hill, part way up. When questioned, the other driver is stuck because he is unable to get his chains on. Driver informs LTN trucker that he has never put chains on before and received no instruction or training on how to put them on. LTN driver provides instruction and shows him how to put the chains on. The other driver then informs LTN driver that he doesn't know how to get started when on a hill. LTN driver provides instruction.
■ LTN crew truck traveling loaded and calling was run off road by empty truck going on "Two-Way" road. Empty truck driver told LTN crew truck driver that it was his fault for going wrong direction on a "One-Way" road.
■ LTN loaded truck pulling onto Kay Kay called that he was coming onto Kay Kay at 11.5 KM, waited for response and then pulled onto the road. LTN truck was almost hit by a pick up. When the driver asked the pick up why he hadn't called that he was coming to the intersection, the pick up driver replied that he had heard the call being made, but he didn't know where he was at the time.
Contributing Factors
Inadequate training, indoctrination, pre-works, maps, plans, and knowledge testing prior to starting work.


Learnings and Suggestions: 

As a result of these events we would ask that all Owners, Licensees and Prime Contractors ensure the following actions are taking place:

■ Maintaining records that indicate all Workers are trained and competent to complete the work assigned and testing their knowledge to ensure the Workers are qualified.
B Training of Workers, including log haul driver and company truck drivers, is being completed to an acceptable standard for the work they are performing.
■ Planning by Owners and Prime Contractors occurs, to develop and implement a plan that provides for the safety of the workers, including log haul driver and company truck drivers.
■ Directives to Workers, including log haul driver and company truck drivers, are provided with adequate directions and plans prior to starting work.
■ Development and implementation of Pre-Works to ensure the planning was completed and passed on to the Workers.
Ensure your Workers are trained before you send them out on to the Roads.


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