2009-02-12 Slip On Ice Results In Torn Muscles

Valhalla Mainline
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A truck driver was parked at the entrance area of the Valhalla service road taking his chains off. The driver was dragging his chains along the ground heading towards the bull board when he slipped on some ice. As he began to fall he caught himself but not before he wrenched his arm; the driver felt a sharp pain immediately. The worker hung up his chains and dropped off his load of logs and tried to do one more trip but the pain was too great. The workers injuries included torn muscles and 6 weeks off of work.

The truck driver had lots of room to park in this area, it was noted that he had been chaining up and down in the same place for over a month; always parking away from the icy section. During the investigation another contract truck driver working for a different company had said he parked in the same place the day before and had slipped on the same section of ice.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The road is mostly dry with the exception of one spot of ice about 2 ft in width starting from the snow bank out towards the road, all truckers are to park it least 3 ft from the icy section so they may be clear of slippage and clear of oncoming traffic.

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 Laura Olynyk  Lead investigator 250-638-0092


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