Basic Chainsaw Operator Training

This course was developed in response to a need identified by a wide range of industry stakeholders as well as WorkSafeBC and the province’s forestry coroner to address serious chainsaw injuries and millions of dollars in compensation claims. This course is for both new and experienced chainsaw operators and provides participants with an understanding of their limits.

Note: This training does NOT qualify participants to fall trees.

Goals & Objectives
Basic chainsaw operator training aims to meet the minimum requirements of Part 115 (2)(e) of the Workers Compensation Act – Training, as well as Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Regulation 4.10 – Authorization and OHS Regulation 26.3 – Forestry Operations Training and Documentation. Basic chainsaw operator training will provide a record in a form and manner acceptable to WorkSafeBC. The competency-based training provided by a Council-qualified trainer is also acceptable to WorkSafeBC.

Two days.

Day 1: Trainer led classroom discussion with group and individual assignments; Review of relevant OHS Regulations; and hands-on work covering essential saw maintenance, correct chain filing procedures and safe cutting techniques.

Day 2: Field work including review, identification of bucking hazards, discussion of binds and practice with cuts; written exam; and the final field examination for operator competency.

Session Dates, Locations & Cost
Sessions are arranged on request through Council-authorized trainers, who set rates based on class size and location.

Trainer Contact Information:

Vancouver Island

Steve Telosky

Richard Butler


Mikael Jonsson


What equipment and tools will I need?
Lunch, drinking water, weather-appropriate clothing, safety boots with good ankle support, personal protective equipment, hi-vis and your chainsaw & related tools. (Note: chainsaws, bucking pants and hardhats with face screens and ear muffs are available on loan from the trainer for participants who do not have their own gear.)

We are here to help. Email us at or call toll free 1-877-741-1060, Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm PT.

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